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Hilco is one of the largest suppliers for indsturial sized filtration products.  We carry many of their filters in stock for immediete delivery priced competively.

Filter Cartridges

Hilco has a large supply of filter cartridges including Pleated Paper, Pleated Synthetic, Stacked Disc, Synthetic High Pressure, Pleated for Bag Filter Vessels, O-ring sealed, Pleated Screen for heavy  fuels, and absorbant filters.

Filter Housings
Gas Filters have simple piping which are specifically designed for gas turbine systems with high pressure, flow rate, and minimal dirt load. Duplex housings allow for 24hour operation by cleaning one while the other is being used. Special Hi-Flo™ Oil Filters for effective oil filtration. Portable filters allow the filter to be used for several different applications.

Hilco filter housings provide efficient filtration of fluids used in contaminant-sensitive systems, "O" ring cover seal, easy, service, and a competitive price.

Oil Reclaimers
Hilco's Oil Reclaimer uses a vacuum system for a highly efficient method of removing moisture, solvents, disolved gasses, and other impurities in the oil.  Allows you to re-use dirty oil, reducing operating costs.

Vent Mist Eliminator
Vent mist elimination removes visible oil vapor from the air stream of the vents in lubricating oil systems.

Transfer Valves
Transfer Valves assure positive sealing for uninterrupted flow and a large pressure drop.  They feature spring loaded pad and shaft design with large o-ring seals.  The turning mechanism can be a handle, wormgear, or actuator.