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Graham Manufacturing

Graham Corporation offers a range of equipment to meet your vacuum system application requirements.  We draw on 60+ years of experience in vacuum technology.  Graham equipment has been proven in pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, fibers, edible oils, resins, ammonia, refineries, petrochemical, fragrances, flavors, food additives, soaps and detergents.

Graham designs provide efficient condensing of process vapors with minimized pressure drops to minimize operating utilities and equipment cost.  Precondesnsors as well as system inter and after condensers are designed and fabricated in-house.

Steam Jet Ejectors
Single Stage or Multiple Stage Ejectors with pressures to 0.001 TORR are available in a variety of materials and arrangements.  Graham has built single stage ejectors to handle 575,000 CFM @ 100 TORR.  Graham ejectors can be operated with many motive fluids: steam, air, organic vapor and other gases.

Heliflow Heat Exchangers
The Graham Heliflow Heat Exchanger is uniquely designed and engineered to handle difficult heat transfer applications. Graham created the Heliflow to be exceptionally versatile, yielding heat transfer rates that can be more than 40% better than typical shell and tube designs. The Heliflow Heat Exchanger encompasses a spiral coil, comprised of multiple parallel tubes mounted within a casing. The case/coil construction creates a spiral flow path providing true counterflow.  The Graham Heliflow Heat Exchanger has years of proven service, in thousands of applications throughout the world, with high quality performance always guaranteed.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors
Flow rates up to 3000 CFM with capacities ranging to 25 TORR in vacuum service and 30 PSIG in compression service.  Single and Two Stage Pumps can be provided as a bare pump, standard package or custom package.  Pumps can be combined with jet ejectors or mechanical boosters for added capacity.  Graham Liquid Ring Pumps and Cor-Resist Pumps are available in carbon steel and many alloy materials.

Vacworks™ Design Software
CD-ROM loaded with vacuum system design software and technical support.
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