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Koch Otto York

Koch's Otto York division specializes in seperation technology for gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, and liquid-flow conditioning.

Demister® Pads
Demister® Pads are highly efficient as they have both the lowest initial cost, and a low pressure drop. These pads are capable of collection liquid particles up to 2 to 5 microns in diameter and can fit in almost any shape.

The DEMISTER mist eliminator is an assembly of YORKMESH knitted mesh supported on, and held down by, high open area grids.  When a vapor steam carrying entrained liquid droplets passes through a DEMISTER mist eliminator pad, the vapor moves freely through the YORKMESH knitted mesh but the inertia of the droplets causes them to contact the wire surfaces, coalesce, and ultimately drain as large droplets.

FlexiChevron® Mist Eliminator
Collect essentially 100% of all particles greater than 8 to 40 microns in diameter, depending on the size and operating conditions. 

These mist eliminators are baffle or zigzag blade modules tailored for either vertical or horizontal flow installations.

FlexiFiber® Mist Eliminator
Depending on the design parameters, FLEXIFIBER® mist eliminators collect up to 99.95% or greater of all submicron liquid particles.

FLEXIFIBER® mist eliminators consist of a packed fiberbed between either of two concentric screens or two parallel screens.

Liquid-Liquid Coalescers
Improves seperation efficiency in gravity-based seperation environments.  This will speed up the process, as well as reduce the size of new liquid-liquid seperators thereby reducing cost.

Liquid-Liquid Coalescers are created using combinations of KOCH-OTTO YORK knitted mesh and co-knit mesh, structured packing, and parallel plates, the exact combination of products in each coalescer system varies depending on your application.  When existing separator drums have no internals or very crude internals that result in inefficient liquid-liquid separation, KOCH-OTTO YORK coalescer products can be designed and manufactured to easily retrofit existing vessels, often without welding to the vessel shell. New applications are designed to handle multiple liquid and gas phases.

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