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American Boa

American Boa is known for it's extreme flexabillity.  This is thanks to their Multi-Ply technology that allows for both extreme durabillity and flexabillity by using multiple thin layers of metal on expansion joints, hoses, and manifolds.

ECO Expansion Joints
ECO expansion joints are externally pressurized joints designed to compensate for axial movements of long pipe runs. Available diameters include 2'' through 12'' with welding ends or flanges. These are rated for 300psig with 4'' and 8'' axial movement respectively. The heavy housing completely encloses the flexible bellows and provides saftey from external damage. ECO joints are a preferred choice for absorbing thermal growth of long distance heat transfer pipes and similar piping systems.

HVAC Expansion Joints
HVAC joints are typically utilized to compensate for moderate to large thermal expansion in axial, lateral, and angular directions. They are available in diameters from 3'' through 24'', rated for either 50 or 150psig pressure with two movement ranges. Available with welded ends or flanges.

Exhaust Manifolds
Engine Exhaust Manifolds are designed to reduce engine downtime, improve engine efficiency, and to provide engine reliabillity.  Boa's manifolds are superior to other competitors due to their Multi-ply technology which withstands vibrations from the engine more effectively.

Other Products
Other products include "XP" Expansion Compensators, "SRV" Vent Conectors, "BCT" Bellows Flexible Connectors, and hoses.
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